Aerobus International, Inc., announced the start of the Weihai Aerobus Transit Project which will be built in Weihai, China. 

According to Dennis K. Stallings, Aerobus president, “We have enjoyed enthusiastic support from Shang Dong Province officials, the mayor of Weihai, his staff, and many, many department heads.”

“Project financing was secured on February 22, 2006, and the first payment from the Chinese partners was made on that date. Design work has been ongoing in China since July 2005. Chinese engineering teams have finalized all necessary environmental, marine, and soil studies for each of the eight pylons and the stations. Aerobus will consult with the Chinese technical groups then immediately begin design work in the United States for the guideway and vehicles,” Stallings said.

Weihai is a vital Chinese port and tourist center on the Gulf of Chihli. The 4.2-kilometer (2.6-mile) Aerobus route will cross open ocean bay water to Liugong Island, linking that popular destination to the central business district. Weihai, with a population exceeding 2.4 million, is both a National Model City and a National Environmental City. Both classifications place stringent constraints on transportation systems.

Aerobus technology utilizes self-powered vehicles running on a dedicated aluminum track which is suspended by a patented cable support system much like the Golden Gate Bridge. Pylons holding the track can be spaced up to ten times farther apart than supports for conventional monorails. Routes can be established at any height above grade so as to pass over buildings, freeways, and other obstructions without impeding traffic flow. Crossing Weihai Bay, the guideway will be raised sufficiently above sea level so as not to interfere with normal ship and port operations.

“Aerobus is the only solution to the Weihai situation,” stated Stallings.

Price of the Weihai Aerobus installation was not disclosed. Transit experts, however, estimate $10 million USD per kilometer, including stations and the Weihai Star pylon in the bay that will contain a station, restaurant, observation platform, and retail space.

For additional information, please contact: Dennis K. Stallings 713-222-6655